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Telephone Fax Email
(845) 341-4070 Middletown: 845-341-4128
Newburgh: 845-220-4063

Photo of the Advising Office on the stairs in the Rowley CenterThe Academic Advising Office is committed to having advisors on campus to service any student who meets the SUNY covid vaccination requirement. Due to current health concerns advisors are also working remotely. Call the main advising phone number at (845) 341-4070 to access the virtual office or to make an appointment for an on-campus visit. Currently attending students can use the Virtual Advising Office (Zoom) link found in the Student Services/Resources tab.







Academic Advising Staff

Name/Title Phone Email
Talia Llosa
845-341-4090 taliallosa@sunyorange.edu
Nancy Boylan
Associate Director
845-341-4458 nancyboylan@sunyorange.edu
Naomi Daven
Associate Director
845-341-4135 naomidaven@sunyorange.edu
Anthony Scalia
Academic Advisor/Retention Specialist
845-341-4072 anthonyscalia@sunyorange.edu
Eleanor Sparaccio
Academic Advisor/Retention Specialist
845-341-4086 eleanorsparaccio@sunyorange.edu
Jamie Cupolo
Academic Advisor/Retention Specialist
845-341-4074 jamiecupolo@sunyorange.edu
Jamie Gutierrez
Academic Advisor/Retention Specialist
JoAnne Penzato
Academic Advisor/Retention Specialist
845-341-9443 joannepenzato@sunyorange.edu
Kris McGrath
Academic Advisor/Retention Specialist
845-341-4081 krismcgrath@sunyorange.edu
Megan Morrissey
Academic Advisor/Retention Specialist
845-341-9534 meganmorrissey@sunyorange.edu