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Virtual Walk-in Hours

Call or email your assigned advisor to set up a virtual appointment. You can also email the office of Academic Advising at advising@sunyorange.edu or call (845) 341-4070.

How to reach an advisor

If you are an attending student, your assigned advisor's name and email address can be retrieved in Degree Works. Attending students can also use the Virtual Advising Office (Zoom) link in your Student Services/Resources tab or use the Live Chat feature in their Stay Connected tab to speak with an advisor during the hours of availability below.

Anyone can call the office of Academic Advising at (845) 341-4070 or email at advising@sunyorange.edu.

Veteran Certifying Official

If you need to contact a Veteran certifying Official to discuss your educational benefits please email vetaffairs@sunyorange.edu.

Hours of Availability

Advisors are working off-site and are accessible through a virtual office. Call (845) 341-4070 for details. Please note that from May 31st through July 30th the college is open Monday through Thursday and closed on Friday.

Week of July 26th

Date M - 7/26 T - 7/27 W - 7/28 R - 7/29 F - 7/30
Morning 8am - 11am 8am - 11am 8am - 11am 8am - 12pm Closed
Afternoon 1pm- 2:30pm  1pm - 2:30pm 1pm - 2:30pm 12pm-5:30pm  
  *limited availability 4:30-5:30pm *limited availability 4:30-5:30pm *limited availability 4:30-5:30pm    

Week of August 2nd

Date M - 8/2 T - 8/3 W - 8/4 R - 8/5 F - 8/6
Morning 9am - 11am 11am - 12pm 9am - 11am 9am - 11am 9am - 11am
Afternoon 1pm- 2:30pm  12 - 2:30pm 1pm - 2:30pm 1pm-2:30pm 1pm - 5pm
  *limited availability 4:30-5:30pm *limited availability 4:30-5:30pm   *limited availability 4:30-5:30pm