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Colt Athletic Hall of Fame

The primary goal of the Colt Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize those individuals, who by outstanding achievement in athletics or service to the College, have made lasting contributions to the sports program.

While athletic achievement is the primary qualifier for eligibility, the character of the nominee and their contributions to the institution and the community were also considered.

Annually, the selection committee may elect to present honorary Hall of Fame Awards to those individuals who have distinguished themselves through exemplary service and commitment to the SUNY Orange Athletic Department.

The committee also reviews contributions and achievements of past SUNY Orange athletic teams and can choose to present Hall of Fame Team Awards.

Athletes and administrators may be nominated for the Hall of Fame at any time throughout the year. Alumni and friends of the College may submit athletes for consideration, but athletes are also able to nominate themselves if they choose to do so.

Class of 2012

Name Sport(s)
Charles Cawein ’52 Basketball, Soccer
Chris Chachis Coach, Athletic Director
Mary B. Diana Coach, Physical Ed Instructor
Glen McGinnis ’55 Soccer
Marie Piccone ’63 Basketball, Field Hockey
Chris Schmid ’54 Tennis, Soccer, Basketball
James Stanfield ’58 Soccer
Art Stegen ’66 Cross Country
Linda Tjepkema ’76 Basketball
Gary Ventimiglia ’71 Wrestling

Class of 2013

Name Sport(s)
Walter Cawein ’57 Basketball, Soccer
Susan Deer ’71 Basketball, Volleyball, AD, Coach
Lois Hayes ’79 Softball, Basketball, Coach
Richard Morse ’55 Track and Field
Achilles (Kelly) Rossi ’53 Wrestling
John Scanlan ’71 Wrestling

Class of 2014

Name Sport(s)
David Brownbill '67 Basketball
Yogi Davis ’71 Athletic Administration
Donna M. Frazier ’93 Basketball, Softball
Bob Heins ’71 Golf
Theresa Rickard ’76 Basketball, Softball
1969 Cross Country Team  

Class of 2015

Name Sport(s)
John Basalyga ’70 Baseball
Sherry Morris ’89 Basketball, Softball, Soccer
Stacey Morris ’89 Basketball, Softball, Soccer, Coach
Paul Rickard Coach
John Sileno ’66 Basketball

Class of 2016

Name Sport(s)
Frank Carrozza ’67 Wrestling
Matt Dillon ‘87 Basketball, Baseball
Sam Markovits Coach
Jack McMahon ‘53 College Administrator
Dana O’Neill ’91 Volleyball, Basketball 

Class of 2017

Name Sport(s)
Lori Beesmer ’83  Soccer, Basketball, Softball
Heather Canfield ’99  Softball
Michelle Diener ’91  Basketball, Softball
Anthony Evans ’92  Basketball
Laura Gabella ’02  Tennis
George Shurter ’74  Cross Country

Class of 2018

Name Sport(s)
Stefan Bonneau ’10 Basketball
Corey Booth ’10 Baseball
Bob Bunnell ’71 Baseball
Joe Famellette ’58 Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Wrestling
Ryan Sonnenschein ’10 Golf

Class of 2022

Name Sport(s)
Mike Casabona ’10 Baseball
Shannon Donohue ’06 Softball
Terry Foster ’67 Basketball
Natalie Griffin ’98 Volleyball
James Hannigan ’53 Wrestling
1999 Softball Team