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On this Resources page, the Center for Student Success provides helpful handouts (and additional links) to use as study guides, reference, review, or refreshers.  Learning how to effectively plan your time and staying on top of your schoolwork is both challenging and rewarding.  Learn techniques and strategies to make the most of your study time and to hone those skills that will help you succeed not just as a student, but as a professional in your chosen career.  The handouts are easy to access and view online, or you can print them out to keep with you.

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Student Success During COVID-19

Now, more than ever, your study skills and strategies are important to ensure your success as a student.  With the disruption COVID-19 has caused, you might feel stress or uncertainty about how to keep working toward your goals as a student.  The resources the Center for Student Success provides you are important in all times of sudden challenge or change to your routines/schedule.  Here you'll find additional handouts and exercises that will help you manage this transition, especially if you're new to online learning.

Adjusting Your Study Habits for Online Learning (PDF)
A reference guide on how to adjust your studying and make a plan for being successful. 

Habits for Successful Students (PDF)
A visual guide on the pro-tips of being a student (on top of your other commitments). 

How to Write an Email to Your Instructor (PDF)
A quick anatomy of a professional email, and why they matter.

Learning Readiness Self-Reflection (PDF)
An open-ended question activity to spark your thinking about how you learn best.  

Online Learning Strategies (PDF)
Some active learning strategies and exercises for making the most out of your classes.

Study Skills 

Concept Mapping (PDF)
A guide on how to visualize information/concepts you need to see, understand, and analyze.  

Focused Study Sessions (PDF)
A step-by-step guide on how to make the most out of your study sessions.

How Do I Take Notes? (PDF)
A self-reflection exercise to start thinking about what note-taking style works for you.

Study Smarter Not Harder (PDF)
Some important study tips, and preliminary questions to ask about how you use your study time.

Test Stress and Prep (PDF)
A self-reflection exercise to start thinking about how you prepare for a test.

The Study Cycle (PDF)
A visual guide to help you build effective studying into your everyday life.  

Time Management

Semester Planner 2020-2021 (PDF)
This planner gives you the complete fall and spring semesters at a glance, so you can keep the big picture in mind.

Time Management Matrix (PDF)
An exercise that helps you identify how to prioritize your work, goals, and commitments.  

Time Management Tips (PDF)
A beginner's guide to time management, followed by a weekly calendar template and planning exercise. 

Weekly Project To-Do List (PDF)
A visual planning chart to start breaking down bigger projects into manageable goals.   


Math Study Tips (PDF)
Some proven tips and strategies on how to study for math, in and outside of class. 

Reading and Writing

Building An Outline (PDF)
A general guide for building your essay outline, followed by an outline template to start organizing your writing.

Plagiarism: What Is It and How Do I Avoid It? (PDF)
A brief guide to what plagiarism is, and how we give proper credit to an author's words or ideas.

Some additional resources on study tips, writing, research, and learning in general:



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