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Global Initiative

Fall 2020-Spring 2021: Confronting Racism in America.

This electronic poster for Global Initiative 2020-2021 was created by SUNY Orange student Elizabeth Kyle.

Global Initiative Events

Mission Statement: SUNY Orange commits to advancing the ideals of anti-racism and affirming the need for diversity and inclusivity at all levels of society. To that end, we will confront issues of systemic racism through lectures, panels and symposia involving experts from our College, students, and other recognized authorities and come to a deeper understanding of its historical, cultural, political and social dimensions within the United States.  

Video from our first Global Initiative Virtual Panel Discussion: "On Race and Racism"

We are hoping we can create something meaningful here at SUNY Orange. Global Initiative is a project that is collaborative. It is educational and it is intended to be inspirational, too. ”


 - Professor Paul Basinski, Chair of Global Studies Department and past Coordinator of Global Initiative.