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Global Initiative: Sustaining the Earth

Mission Statement: A Yearlong educational program that examines issues of environmental stewardship, explores measures to sustain a healthy environment for years to come, and celebrates local and global solutions to environmental problems.

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Calendar of Events

1/27/09 7 PM Gilman Center "The Northern Cricket Frog - Its Unique Ecology, Startling Decline, and Strategies for Recovery", a lecture by Jay Westerveld of the NY Natural History Council
2/3/09 11 AM - 12:30 Gilman Center Global Initiative Kickoff - Town Hall Meeting: Sustaining the Earth. Panelists include Dr. Joe Zurovchak, AVP Mindy Ross, and Professor Paul Basinski.
2/5/09 11 AM Gilman Center "Archeological Lessons in Sustainability" - SUNY Orange Professor Cory Harris
2/10/09 11 AM Gilman Center "Consumerism - Making Choices that are Green" - SUNY Orange Biology Professor Joe Zurovchak
2/17/09 11 AM Gilman Center "The Impact of Warfare on Sustainability" - SUNY Orange Global Studies Professor Heidi Weber
2/19/09 11 AM Gilman Center "Sustainable Uses of Coastal Forests in Africa" - SUNY Orange Professor Dr. Anouk Verheyden-Gilikan
2/24/09 11 AM Gilman Center "Environmental Ethics" - SUNY Orange AVP Mindy Ross
2/26/09 11 AM - Noon Newburgh Campus Room 221 "Environmental Ethics" - SUNY Orange AVP Mindy Ross
3/3/09 7 PM Gilman Center "Saving Simus: How Habitat Disturbance and Global Warming Threaten the Greater Bamboo Lemur's Survival" - Eileen Larney, Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Anthropological Sciences, Stony Brook University
3/4/09 7 PM Lyceum Event "Cooling Mother Earth" - Dr. Robert Spiegelman
3/9/09 7 PM Gilman Center "Marcal Paper - Saving Trees Since 1950" - Tim Spring, CEO of Marcal Paper will discuss the history of Marcal Paper, their current business model, and how they are positioning Marcal for the future. Marcal has been making paper products from recycled paper for 59 years.
3/10/09 11 AM Library Room 103 Movie - "Birds of Orange County" - SUNY Orange Biology Professor Dr. Walter Jahn
3/11/09 7 PM Gilman Center "Rising Waters: Taking Climate Change Adaptation from Talk to Action" - David Van Luven of the Nature Conservancy*
3/16/09 9 AM Liberty Loop Trail- Unionville

Nature Walk with SUNY Orange Biology Professor, Dr. Walter Jahn to observe migrating waterfowl.

3/24/09 11 AM Library Room 103 Movie - "Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians" - SUNY Orange Biology Professor Dr. Walter Jahn
3/25/09 4 PM Gilman Center "Growing Up Green" (Teaching Children to Care for the Earth with Everyday Practices) - SUNY Orange Professor Elizabeth Tarvin, Education Department
3/31/09 7 PM Lyceum Event "Geoheating and Cooling" - Warren Allmon - Director, Museum of the Earth*
4/14/09 11 AM, 7 PM Gilman Center "Greening Community Colleges", Pryluck Lecture - Dr. Diana Van Der Ploeg, President, Butte College, CA*
4/15/09 7 PM Gilman Center "Sustainable Economic Investment" - Frank Morris, Sierra Club
4/21/09 11 AM - 12:45 PM

Harriman Hall

Room 111

Workshop - "Brownfield Tax Credits: An Incentive for Siting Combined Heat and Power (CHP) " - Tom Kelly, Energy Policy Analyst from Pace University Energy and Climate Center and Charles Radier, Director of Business Development, Empire State Development.

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4/22/09 11 AM - 2 PM College Green EARTH DAY! Come celebrate on the Campus Green. Free Food, great attractions and displays -- More Information to Come Soon!
4/25/09 10 AM Sam's Point Nature Walk with SUNY Orange Professor Paul Basinski
4/30/09 11 AM, 7 PM   Joe Bertolozzi*, Composer. Master Class and Performance
5/2/09 7:30 PM Paramount Theatre SUNY Orange Symphonic Band -- Nature Music inspired by the American Outdoors
9/8/09 11 AM Gilman Center "State of the World: An Environmental Overview " - SUNY Orange Professor Dr. Walter Jahn
9/15/09 11 AM Gilman Center "Population Growth: Problems and Solutions" - SUNY Orange Professor Dr. Walter Jahn
9/22/09 7 PM Gilman Center "The Poetry of Nature and the Environment" - SUNY Orange Professors Jim Givant, Jean Cowan and Others
9/24/09 11 AM Gilman Center "Politics and the Environment" - SUNY Orange Professor Paul Basinski
9/29/09 11 AM Gilman Center "An Update on Greenhouse Gas Emissions at SUNY Orange: How Are We Doing; What Can We Do Better?" - SUNY Orange Professor Dr. Joseph Zurovchak (POSTPONED)
10/1/09 11 AM Gilman Center "Atlantic Rainforests of South America" - SUNY Orange Professor Heidi Weber
10/1/09 7 PM Gilman Center "How to Stop Global Warming: Environmental Justice and the Role of the Citizen" - Dr. Irwin Sperber, Professor of Sociology at SUNY New Paltz
10/6/09 11 AM Gilman Center "Birds" - Hi Def movie by SUNY Orange Professor Dr. Walter Jahn.
10/6/09 7:15 PM Harriman Hall Room 111 "Green Building and Ground Source Heat Exchange" -
A presentation by Joseph Hurwitz, Principal - A.I.A. Joseph Hurwitz and Associates, Randolph N. Horner, Renewable Energy Project Developer
10/7/90 7 PM Gilman Center "Our Woodland-Themed Garden: Combining Educational Impact with Sustainable Gardening Strategies" - SUNY Orange Professors Michele Paradies and Kirsten Gabrielsen
10/8/09 11 AM Gilman Center "Birds II " - Hi Def movie by SUNY Orange Professor Dr. Walter Jahn.
10/14/09 7:30 PM Harriman Hall Room 111 "Bio-Fuel - A Panel Lecture with Power Point", Panelists include: Larry R. Hulle, MPS, Dairy, Field Crop & Farm Business Management Educator from Cornell Cooperative Extension, John Brown, Bioenergy Advocate and Demonstration Farmer from Cornell Cooperative Extension, Libby Murphy, Project Manager, Lower Hudson-Long Island Resource Conservation and Development Council, and Jerry Robock, President, Community Biofuels. A Lyceum event sponsored by Paul Sweetman.
10/19/09 WEEK   International Week of Climate Action - Culminating in a global event - stay tuned for more info!
10/22/09 TBD TBD "Green Tips" Contest Winner Announced.
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10/23/09 8 PM Paramount Theatre "Waters Ho!" - A concert on the theme of water as a precious resource. SUNY Orange Symphonic Band.
10/27/09 11 AM Gilman Center "Revisiting Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian Homes as a Model for 21st Century Sustainability" - SUNY Orange AAVP Stacey Moegenberg
10/28/09 6 PM Gilman Center “Green” Careers Start at Orange: Come learn about the many “green” career opportunities (i.e. solar energy, photovoltaics, environmental biology) that you can begin with a SUNY Orange education.
11/3/09 11 AM Gilman Center "The World According to Monsanto" film - Part 1, by Marie- Monique Robin - Presented by SUNY Orange Professor Dr. Anouk Verheyden-Gilikan
11/4/09 7 PM Bio Tech Bldg Room 207 "Using Water Wisely: Orange County Water Resources and Climate Change" - Ed Helbig, Orange County Water Conservation Education Coordinator and Dave Church, Director of OC Water Authority.
11/5/09 7 PM Gilman Center "Creating Sustainable Buildings at SUNY Orange: An Architect's Perspective" by Tenee Rehm Casaccio, AIA, Managing Principal, JMZ Architects and Planners
11/10/09 11 AM Gilman Center "The World According to Monsanto" film - Part 2, by Marie- Monique Robin - Presented by SUNY Orange Professor Dr. Anouk Verheyden-Gilikan
11/16/09 7 PM Gilman Center Simon Gruber - More to follow!
11/17/09 11 AM Gilman Center "Your Milk - On Drugs. Just Say No!" - Documentary film by Jeffrey Smith - Presented by SUNY Orange Professor Dr. Anouk Verheyden-Gilikan