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Global Initiative: Islands

Welcome to the SUNY-Orange Global Initiative serires for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017!

Global Initiative features speakers and performers drawn from the ranks of the college and from other institutions across the New York region and beyond, to provide insightful lectures and events on themes like Sustainability (2009), Global Health (2012) or Water (2015), or on whole areas of the world, such as Latin America (2007-08), Asia (2010-11) and Africa (2013-14).

For Fall 2016 - Spring 2017, our theme is Islands. We will be offering a wide range of events examining the peoples and cultures of island communities from the Caribbean to Iceland to Okinawa, and exploring issues impacting the well-being of islands, from Global Warming and rising tides threatening the very existence of many islands, to the financial crisis in Puerto Rico to the effects of war and migration on island societies.

Program Launch - Sept. 15

Our programming begins with an overview of upcoming speakers and performers on Thursday, September 15, 2016, at11 am, in Room 010 in the Rowley Center for Science and Engineering on the Middletown campus, followed by our first lecture presentation at 7 pm the same day. We will be joined by ethnomusicologist Lois Wilckes speaking about "Drums of Vodou" on the importance of drums and dance in the culture and religion of Haiti. Most events will take place at 7 pm on Wednesday or Thursday evenings in Rowley Center, Room 010. Please consult our calendar of events for up-to-date information. We also encourage you to join our mailing list by sending an email request to the Global INitiative email address: global@sunyorange.edu

All events are open to the public, and we invite you to come explore the history, the ecology, the arts and culture and politics and literature, and many other dimensions of islands across the world!

The Islands are calling... which one is yours?


Department of Global Studies

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