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Global Initiative: Global Health

An image representing global healthWelcome to the home page for Global Initiative: Global Health.

This is the fourth in our yearly cycle of events around a common theme. In the past, we've done GI on Latin America, Sustainability and Asia.

This year we want to address many of the critical issues, ideas, problems and challenges in health care.

Here's our mission statement: A yearlong educational program that examines issues involving health, well-being, and health care from our local community through the challenges faced by the nation and world.


Global Initiative: Global Health will run on the calendar year beginning in the spring 2012 semester in mid-January, and finishing at the end of fall semester in December 2012. Make sure you check out our link to upcoming events.

We want to stress how Global Initiative is a true partnership between our college community and the greater Hudson Valley. We welcome anyone to our campuses in Middletown and Newburgh to attend our events, or, if you have some relevant theme, please propose an event for us.

Most of all, come with an open mind and let SUNY Orange help provide clarity on issues involving Global Health, or, at least raise provocative questions that will help us better understand these complex issues and find solutions to them.

Global Health Events:

On October 24, 2012 Global Initiative, Global Health held a panel discussion on Gun Rights & Gun Violence in America.

Present were: Tom King, President, NY State Pistol and Rifle Assoc; Det. Jason Jenning, MPD; Jackie Hilly, Executive Director of NY Against Gun Violence; Robert Cacciatore, SUNY Orange; Michael B. McCoy, SUNY Orange; Moderated by Prof. Paul Basinski and an Audience of over 100 students, faculty, staff, and community.

Gun Violence in America

Gun violence in America

Pictures from the Lecture by christopher McGoldrick (Cost drivers behind the US healthcare .....) on 3/26/2012 at 7 PM -gilman center.

Picture Laura Angerameicture

Picture of lecturer among the audience

Picture of the lecturer among the audience

Opening Session Photos:

Global health organizers

Paul Basinski talking about global health

global health lecture

Global health lectre

Sheilla Stepp talk in Global health