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Global Studies

SUNY Orange students community members, and faculty members in China, Spring 2018The Department of Global Studies provides students with a cutting-edge education that enables them to understand and operate in a "global environment". In conjunction with its International Studies Program (ISP), the department’s multidisciplinary faculty seeks to develop the knowledge and skills students required for a career in an ever-globalizing world. 

Merging Anthropology, Economics, History, Modern Languages and Political Science, introduces students to the complex web of international relations forged between sovereign nations, while also paying close attention to supra-national trends such as the globalization of culture, the formation of Non-Governmental Organizations, Multinational Corporations, the migrations of people and labor, and the growth and development of political, social, and religious movements. 

It is the goal of Global Studies to help produce well-rounded, highly educated citizens mindful and responsive to the global issues, trends, and relationships that will shape human societies in the 21st Century.

Additionally, and through the ISP, the departments seeks to build the critical skills in reading, writing, and language that will prepare students for study beyond the two-year level.

Such a course of study can pave the way for a B.A. or Graduate Degree in Anthropology, Law, Business, History, Economics, Linguistics, or open the door to employment in International Relations, Humanitarian Organizations, Teaching, Consulting, Intelligence-gathering, Foreign Policy, or the range of public and private sector jobs that develop as the institutional and territorial divisions between peoples and nations shrink.