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International Studies Degree

Program Description

The Associate in Arts degree program in International Studies provides students with a range of studies that emphasize the interconnections among global political, economic, social, and cultural events and processes. As globalization literally makes the world a smaller place, International Studies helps prepare students to take advantage of those changes, both in terms of their personal growth and career opportunities. The degree is designed to prepare students for transfer and continued academic success within a liberal arts setting, especially one dedicated to the study of international and global events. This program also features a solid grounding in liberal arts education.

The curriculum is designed to include a broad range of courses with international themes in the humanities and social sciences. In addition to core courses in the liberal arts common to many programs, International Studies requires students to take classes in foreign languages, international relations, world history and international literature. Through these courses, students will develop critical learning skills, a foundation of knowledge about the international system and the ability to clearly write, analyze and communicate about concepts in the discipline.

Admission Criteria

Admission to this program requires that students be high school graduates or have high school equivalency diplomas (GEDs). If students are not high school graduates, they may be eligible for admission to the College’s 24 Credit Hour Program. If students are home schooled, they may be eligible for admission.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • develop a foundation of essential knowledge about the cultural, social and natural worlds, and processes contributing to globalization and interdependence.
  • understand both the commonalities and diversity of human experiences, values and opinions among and between cultures.
  • understand the forms of international artistic expressions and their inherent creative processes.
  • think critically, applying systematic reasoning, information management and quantitative skills.
  • communicate effectively in English and develop a basis for continued progress in acquiring skills in a language other than English.
  • be prepared for transfer to, and success at, upper-level institutions offering programs of study in International Relations.