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Events and Announcements

So, you want to let people know about something going on at SUNY Orange? The website and grapevine are Here to Help!

You can let people know in two different ways:


What is an Announcement?

Announcements are to let people know about something going on (e.g. the Kindness Initiative!), or something coming up soon (e.g. a series of Career Workshops!), or something that happened (e.g. a student won an award!)

How do I create an Announcement?

You can use the Grapevine form to create an announcement: sunyorange.edu/wea/posting/new - once you complete the form, make sure that you confirm using the link that was sent to your email. Once the announcement is approved, it will appear in the next issue of the Grapevine. Cut-off times are noon on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Where do Announcements appear?

Announcements appear in Student/Faculty/Staff emails on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They also appear on the "Home Tab" of MySUNYOrange.


What is an event?

An event is any college-related activity that is occurring at a specific date and time, either on-campus or at an off-campus location. (e.g. the Wellness Fair, a student club meeting, an exhibit, a guest lecturer, etc.)

How do I create an Event?

You can use the Calendar form to create an event: sunyorange.edu/go/events - once you complete the form, it will be approved and added to the calendar. Events can be added at any point, as long as the event has not passed.


Where do Events appear?

Events appear on the Website Calendar (www.sunyorange.edu/calendar), in Department/Office webpage event feeds if they have them, on the "Home Tab" of MySUNYOrange, in the left-hand column of the Grapevine emails, and on the Campus TV monitors around campus.

High profile events will also be chosen to appear on the SUNY Orange homepage. 

What about Event Slides for the Campus TV Monitors?

To submit event slides for the Campus TV Monitors, please email chris.thurtle@sunyorange.edu for more details on the size and design requirements.