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OU Campus FAQ

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. If your question isn't answered here, you can use the "Help with OU Campus Help" feedback form to let us know.

You may also wish to refer to the Helpful Terminology page.

What is OU Campus?

OU Campus is web content management (webCMS) software. It allows web page managers to edit the sections of the SUNY Orange website that they are responsible for. It provides a user-friendly interface similar to a word processor. SUNY Orange started using OU Campus in early 2019. It has replaced Contribute, the previous webCMS at the college, which was long overdue for retirement.

OU Campus runs in your web browser, so no software needs to be installed on your PC. Don't worry, the website is still secure; only people with an OU Campus account will be able to log on to the system and make changes to college web pages.

How can I edit a web page in OU Campus?

The easiest way is to use the direct edit link at the bottom of the web page you want to edit.

You can also use the new user-friendly OU Campus sign on link, https://oucampus.sunyorange.edu, which will take you to your OU Campus dashboard. From there, you can navigate to the page you want to edit by choosing Pages from the Content menu.

How do I save my work?

Click on the floppy disk icon in the JustEdit toolbar to save your work. Visit the "Saving Your Work" page for more information.

Where is the OU Campus sign on page? How do I sign in?

OU Campus is completely integrated with our single-sign-on system. This means you never directly sign on to OU Campus.

If you are signed on to your MySUNYOrange account, you will go into OU Campus immediately when you click on a direct edit link or the dashboard sign-on link: https://oucampus.sunyorange.edu

If you are not signed in to MySUNYOrange, when you click on a direct edit link or dashboard sign on link, then you will go to the MySUNYOrange sign on page first. Once you sign on with your single-sign-on user name and password, you will immediately go to OU Campus.

How do I sign out of OU Campus?

Because OU Campus is completely integrated with our single-sign-on system, you cannot sign out directly, you have to sign out of MySUNYOrange. If you do that, you will lose access to many other college services (including email, the calendar, Self-Service Banner, Blackboard, etc.), which would be very inconvenient. Just remember that anyone who has access to your computer can edit your web pages, just like they can read and answer your email. Always lock your screen when your leave your PC.

Why does my browser say OU Campus is not secure?

You may see a message saying that OU Campus is not secure in the address bar of your web browser. This is nothing to worry about.

OU Campus currently is not set up to use a secure connection at all times. However, when sensitive information (such your username and password) is being sent over the Internet, a secure connection is always used.

OU Campus will be set up to always use a secure connection in the near future. However, the changeover needs to be done properly, to avoid causing problems with old web pages, so it will take some time.