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Help from OU Campus

Any large, complex software system can seem overwhelming and difficult to use at first. OU Campus is definitely a large and complex system, but OmniUpdate (the developers of OU Campus) have provided a lot of high-quality help and support materials which are available on their website. These materials are available to everyone, not just OU campus users, so if you are consdiering becoming a web page manager. but aren't quite sure what web page managers do, then you can take a look at the help material first. 

OU Training Materials

OU Campus is used by a great many schools and other institutions, which all do things slightly differently. Therefore the OU help materials can't be specifically tailored for any one school and some of the details you see may not apply to SUNY Orange. A few useful things to keep in mind when reading OU help:

  • Our direct edit link is the copyright symbol (©) at the bottom of every page.
  • What we call web page managers OU calls content editors.
  • You can only submit web pages for publication, you cannot publish them directly.
  • We are using the Just Edit web page editor to edit web pages in OU Campus.
  • Chris Thurtle (email: chris.thurtle@sunyorange.edu, phone: 845-341-4563) is the OU Campus administrator for SUNY Orange.


There are many videos available online from OU Campus that show how to use almost every aspect of the system. Below are the titles of and links to the most useful ones to view if you are just getting started with OU Campus.


Here is a short PDF "cheat sheet" with good information about using the editing interface in OU Campus: Quick Reference Guide

Web Pages

There is a great deal of information about all aspects of using OU Campus available on their support website. Along with the information presented on the web pages, you will also find links to PDF files that can be downloaded and saved to your hard drive or printed for future reference.

The best starting point for users new to OU Campus is the Getting Started with OU Campus for Content Editors. (Content editor is the term OU uses for web page manager.) This section contains links to many other helpful topics. Some of these web pages cover the material presented in the videos listed above in more detail.