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Helpful Terminology

You may also find the OU Campus FAQ page to be helpful.

OU Campus Terminology


Your account in OU Campus allows you to sign on to the system (it is tied into our single-sign-on system, so you don't have to remember another user name and password). Your account controls what parts of the website you can edit and exactly what types of editing you can do.

OU Campus

OU Campus is the name of the web content management software we are now using. (The term "Web content management software" is usually abbreviated webCMS or WCMS.) OU is OmniUpdate, the company behind OU Campus.

Production Server

The SUNY Orange public website that can be viewed by the general public using a web browser is on the production server. It can be seen when you vist the URL below in a web browser:



Section, Folder, Directory

In OU Campus, a specific part of the website, like these help pages, or the web pages used by Admissions, the Math Department, etc., are referred to interchangeably as a section, a folder, or a directory.

Staging Server

A copy of the SUNY Orange website is stored in the "cloud," on the staging server This is where the web pages that can be edited exist. This is also where updated web pages are stored after you make changes and save them. Only web page managers can see files on the staging server. Once a web page is published, it is sent to the publication server and can be viewed by the public.


SUNY Orange Terminology

Web Page Managers

Web Page Managers (WPMs) are people who are responsible for keeping specific sections of the college website up to date. Every academic department and administrative office will have their own section of the website and every section should have a WPM. All WPMs have the access required to edit one or more sections of the college website.

If you notice something that you think should be changed on one of our website sections, please contact the web page manager for that page. If you don't know who that is, please contact Chris Thurtle (email: chris.thurtle@sunyorange.edu, phone: 845-341-4563).

Web Page Mangers List

The web page mangers list (wpms.list) is a mailing list used to send out information about the status of the OU Campus system and the college website and changes to the procedures for requesting publication of web pages. Every WPM must be a member of this list.