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OU Campus Help for SUNY Orange

Don't Panic!

OU Campus is still pretty new to all of us at SUNY Orange, including the staff of Institutional Advancement and ITS. With this section of the website, we are trying to provide a starting point for all web pages managers to find help using OU Campus that is specifically tailored for this college.

Make Use of OU Resources

The help material provided by OU Campus is thorough and useful. Please make use of it.

Don't Hesitate to Ask for Help from SUNY Orange Staff

Even though the help and support material provided by OmniUpdate is excellent, it is also general; some of the material will cover aspects of OU Campus that you don't need to use or can't use because of the way your Campus account is set up. If you can't find the answer to your question bu using OU Campus help, or it doesn't seem to match what you are seeing, or if you are facing a sudden, urgent dealine and don't have time to find the help you need from the OU Campus material, feel free to ask for help from the college.

Managing the website is handled both by Institutional Advancement and Information and Technology Services, but the content and appearance of the material on the website is solely managed by Institutional Advancement. For this reason, if you need help with the SUNY Orange website or have any questions, either about using OU Campus or regarding the website in general, start out by contacting Chris Thurtle (email: chris.thurtle@sunyorange.edu, phone: 845-341-4563).