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Academic Advising

Do I need to be enrolled full-time to receive my education benefits?

Only recipients of the Child of Veteran Award are required to attend full-time to receive education benefits. All others will be prorated based on enrolled credits.

Will I receive a Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) if I attend part time?

Please review our MHA rate of pursuit page.

Can I receive a Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) for distance learning courses?

Yes, but the VA requires that a minimum of one course is attended on campus each semester (each summer session is considered a semester) in order to receive your full eligible MHA.

Can I receive credit for my Physical Education classes?

If you have been discharged within 10 yrs., you can receive 2 credits of Physical Education, (1 credit for Concepts of Physical Wellness, and 1 credit for Activity Phys. Ed.) if required for your major. Please provide the College VA Certifying Official with a copy of your DD214.

How do I receive credits for my military experience?

Request your official Joint Services Transcript for evaluation of transfer credit.

Will the VA pay for developmental and pre-requisite courses?

Yes, the VA will pay for all required developmental coursework, as well as pre-requisites for a required course in a program. 

What happens if I fail a class? Will I have to pay the VA back?

No, you will not have to refund the VA for the failed class.  However, the VA will only pay for the same course twice. 

Do I have to maintain a certain GPA to continue to receive my VA benefits?

Academic separation and academic probation standing are reported to the VA by the College’s VA Certifying Official. You will no longer receive benefits while on academic separation status.

What happens when I make a change to my course schedule or withdraw?

The College VA Certifying Official will notify the VA of any changes to your enrollment. The change may result in an adjustment to your monthly benefits, or create an overpayment. 

What should I do if I get deployed during the semester?

You should contact the Academic Advising Office to discuss your academic options. Also, you will need to supply a copy of your orders to the VA Certifying Official who will notify the VA. Those that have paid tuition out of pocket can complete a Request for Tuition Credit - Appeal Form, and include a copy of Military Activation Orders signed by your Commanding Officer.

Do I receive monies for books or a book voucher through the VA?

Those veterans eligible for Post 9/11 GI Bill® will receive a book stipend paid directly to the veteran no earlier than 14 days prior to the start of the semester.

Veterans who are eligible for Veteran Readiness and Employment (Ch. 31) will receive an authorization for books & supplies at the college bookstore.

Education Benefits and Financial Aid

As a Veteran receiving educational benefits from the VA, can I apply for financial aid?

Yes, we encourage every student to file a FAFSA to see what their eligibility is.

Will my Veteran’s educational benefits be impacted if I receive other forms of financial aid?

Your NYS TAP award and Veterans Tuition Assistance (VTA) can/ will be affected if you are receiving Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits (Chapter 33) at the 100% rate.