Facebook Ad Pixel FAQs - The Wellness Center, SUNY Orange


What if I have questions or concerns about staying well or making lifestyle changes?

Your questions will be dealt with seriously, respectfully, and confidentially. Only you can decide what changes you will make, and who, if anyone, you would like notified of any changes. We will help you in any way we can.

What if I get sick?

Any college member who identifies a health care need may stop in or make an appointment to see a nurse. The nurse will complete an assessment and provide appropriate health care and educational counseling for common health concerns. If additional medical care is needed, students may be referred to a local provider. In extreme cases, the nurse will assist in arranging for transportation to the local emergency room (i.e. calling for an ambulance, taxi, or family member to drive person.)

Why can't I see a doctor in the Wellness Center?

The SUNY Orange Wellness Center office is nurse-directed. If medical intervention is required appropriate referrals will be made.

What if I need to talk with someone about a personal concern or mental health issues?

The Wellness Center provides assessment of mental health needs and referral services by a licensed mental health professional at no cost. To schedule an appointment please call (845) 341-4870. Please note that appointments with our mental health counselor are for students that are currently enrolled in at least one credit-bearing SUNY Orange course.