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Seamless Transfer Process

Two students walking through campusSUNY Orange is part of the SUNY system. This means SUNY's transfer policies apply whether you're transfering your existing SUNY college credits into SUNY Orange, or transfering your SUNY Orange credits to another SUNY institution:

SUNY's Transfer-friendly policies

You're In!

Guaranteed admission to a SUNY four-year campus for New York students transferring directly from a SUNY campus with an AA or AS degree.

Credits Count

Guaranteed junior standing for SUNY students who graduate with an AA or AS degree and transfer to a parallel program at a SUNY four-year campus.

Common Foundation

Satisfactorily completing general education requirements at one SUNY campus will meet the same requirement at another SUNY campus.

You're on the Right Path

SUNY Transfer Paths outline core coursework for specified majors that is common to all SUNY campuses offering those majors to maximize credit acceptance.

Program to Program Agreements

Program to program articulation agreements outline transfer requirements from one campus to another.

Why Start at SUNY Orange?

Our AA and AS degrees are designed to parallel freshman and sophomore classes at senior institutions. Class sizes are typically smaller than those at four-year institutions. Tuition is less expensive than SUNY four-year institutions and a fraction of the cost of most private colleges and universities.

Where will I be able to transfer?

Our graduates have gone on to study at four year public and private institutions throughout New York State and across the country. The SUNY Transfer Guarantee, along with our many comprehensive articulation agreements with other universities, makes transfer from SUNY Orange a smooth process.

What are my next steps?

If you're ready to make the next step, APPLY NOW and follow the instructions for Transfer Students.