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I am a Transfer Student

If you're interested in applying to SUNY Orange and you've previously attended and earned credit at another institution after you graduated high school, you'll want to apply as a transfer student. Below is a helpful guide that will assist you in learning more about transferring to SUNY Orange.

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Exploring Academics

Come explore SUNY Orange's available degree programs. We have dedicated faculty that will help you achieve your goals. Many of our degree programs prepare our students for future employment and transfer opportunities.

Students interested in one of our Health Professions program should review the application requirements for these selective admission programs located HERE

Application Process

Apply Now (Online Application)

1. Complete an  online application

2. Submit official high school transcripts or GED score report and diploma. Please note, official high school transcripts can be sent directly from the high school guidance office via email to: apply@sunyorange.edu

3. Submit all official college transcripts, if applicable (see transfer credit policy below). Please note, official college transcripts can be sent directly from the school's Registrar office via email to: apply@sunyorange.edu

Students who attended high school outside of the United States must submit a credential evaluation of their transcript. Evaluations must be completed by a member of the National Associate of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). SPANTRAN does offer a course by course translation and evaluation for students. Please visit SPANTRAN for more information.

Please note, US citizens or permanent residents who earned a foreign high school credential MUST take the ATB if they wish to be considered for NYS aid. For more information, please visit:


4. Complete placement test requirements

 Please note: If you are interested in applying for one of our Health Professions Programs please see this page for more information. It is a separate application process.

In addition, if you are looking to register as a visiting or non-degree seeking student, please visit:


Please DO NOT submit an application. 

English & Math Placement Process

All incoming students will need to complete placement requirements as part of the enrollment process. Placements will help us determine what level English & Math you can take in your first semester here at SUNY Orange. 

For more information, please visit:

English & Math Placement Process

Accepted Student Resources

Get connected and login to your MySUNYOrange student portal

  • Students can check their Financial Aid status
  • Set-up their SUNY Orange email account
  • Set-up Proxy to access important account information
  • Check enrollment status through Student Academics Tab
  • Your acceptance letter will include your login credentials

Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

Submit immunization records to the Wellness Center

Complete the mandatory New START Workshop Requirements
When you have completed your placement tests and have been accepted, admissions will send you an email with instructions on how you can complete the New START Workshop requirements. You may also get information on your New Start eligibility by visiting the Accepted Student Portal under the Student Academics Tab in your MySUNYOrange account. Course registration will be completed at the on-campus New START Workshop.

Submit final high school transcripts (upon graduation) and/or official college transcript

  • High School transcript(s) faxed directly from the High School are acceptable.

Submit Certificate of Residency forms

Pay your Student Bill

Important enrollment deadline dates for Summer 2024

  • New START process opens:  February 19, 2024
  • Online application closes: Friday, June 28, 2024
  • Summer session I begins: Monday, May 20, 2024
  • Summer session II begins: Monday, July 8, 2024

Important enrollment deadline dates for Fall 2024

  • Online New START opens: May 20, 2024
  • New START registration appointments begin: May 28 2024
  • Online application closes: Friday, August 9, 2024
  • Online New START closes: Wednesday, August 21, 2024 at 11:59 pm. 
  • Fall semester begins: Monday, August 26, 2024

Transfer Credit Review

General Transfer Credit Review
Students who have completed college level coursework at other institution(s) must submit all official college transcripts to the Office of Admission. Our Registrar department will review your transcripts for transfer credit  based on your intended major. Please note, to obtain transfer credit,  you MUST have a grade of a "C" or better and the courses must be applicable to courses within your major. 

Health Profession Transfer Credit Review: 
For the Health Professions Review process, only coursework directly applicable to the students intended course of study is recalculated in the review process. The student must have received a grade of "C" or higher for the course to be considered in the admissions review process. No clinical coursework can be transferred in.

The admissions office will review each transcript individually to find the relevant coursework completed as detailed on the program Resource Page.

PLEASE NOTE: The fact that a course appears in our transfer credit databased is not a guarantee that the course will transfer in your individual case. Additionally, some courses may not appear in the database, but may be eligible for transfer.

View our Transfer Credit Database here. 

For more information about our transfer credit policy, please click here to visit our Registrar's website

SUNY Seamless Transfer

SUNY Orange is part of the SUNY system. This means SUNY's transfer policies apply whether you're transferring your existing SUNY college credits into SUNY Orange, or transferring your SUNY Orange credits to another SUNY institution. 

Why Start at SUNY Orange?
Our AA and AS degrees are designed to parallel freshman and sophomore classes at senior institutions. Class sizes are typically smaller than those at four-year institutions. Tuition is less expensive than SUNY four-year institutions and a fraction of the cost of most private colleges and universities.

Where will I be able to transfer?
Our graduates have gone on to study at four year public and private institutions throughout New York State and across the country. The SUNY Transfer Guarantee, along with our many comprehensive articulation agreements with other universities, makes transfer from SUNY Orange a smooth process.

If you transfer within SUNY, you will benefit from their transfer-friendly policies:

You're In!
Guaranteed admission to a SUNY four-year campus for New York students transferring directly from a SUNY campus with an AA or AS degree.

Credits Count
Guaranteed junior standing for SUNY students who graduate with an AA or AS degree and transfer to a parallel program at a SUNY four-year campus.

Common Foundation
Satisfactorily completed general education requirements at one SUNY campus will meet the same requirement at another SUNY campus.

You're on the Right Path
SUNY Transfer Paths outline core coursework for specified majors that is common to all SUNY campuses offering those majors to maximize credit acceptance.

We Agree
Program to program articulation agreements outline transfer requirements from one campus to another.